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Help & Support for your art website

Welcome to the Gallereo help and support page. We're in the process of building up our support page, so please excuse the mess!
If you are just getting started with your site, or need a little bit of assistance, try some of the solutions below.
All the information you need to get your site up and running. 
The Gallereo User Manual 
For a comprehensive look at the Gallereo system, and all that it can do, download our user manual. Check here first if you are having trouble with anything on your website.
Adding Artwork
When you first log into your site, you're going to want to get your artwork on there as quickly and as easily as possible. Read our focused advice sheet to find out how best to do this.
Configuring Your Site
When you start out, you're also going to want to get everything all set up so that your site looks good and works well. Read our short advice sheet that should send you in the right direction.
Orders & Payments
Gallereo comes with it's own ecommerce system. Read about how to make full use of the orders and payment module here.
Not always easy to get to grips with, take a look at our shipping advice sheet. Maybe some of these set up suggestions will appeal to you.
Below are a collection of blogs that we've written that give you tips and hints on using your website.
Ordering Your Images
Want the images in your gallery to be in a certain order? Find out how you can change the order in this blog post.
Social Media Linking
Want to link Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to your Gallereo website? Here's how!
Changing Your Template
Bored with your template, or just fancy a change? It's easy to switch between templates with Gallereo. 
Learning to Integrate Google Analytics
Find out how and why to integrate Google Analytics with your Gallereo website.
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