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About us...

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Never before has it been this easy for someone that is involved in the visual arts to come along and have their very own, comprehensive gallery website up and running in such a short space of time.

Gallereo was created by visual arts professionals, for visual arts professionals. With a clever mix of technical know-how and a love of all things art-related, we have managed to create a system that is both fresh and exciting, but also easy to manage and robust.

Working in the visual arts isn't always easy, especially for artists and photographers who are trying to get their work out there, or are just starting out. How do people find out about your work? Where do people go to see it? Where can you sell your work? How do you get maximum exposure? Gallereo provides a gallery-without-walls solution that lets artists and photographers take their work online.

Gallereo is a well-built, beautifully designed, flexible system that offers artists and photographers the chance to exhibit their artwork, spread the word about their work online and to sell their work independently.

Gallereo was built to generate sites that are cool and fun to create. The Gallereo team has put a lot of heartfelt time, energy and effort into creating something that we love, and we hope you will too! Some of our users already do:
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